Everything You Want To Know About Brain Supplements

Everything You Want To Know About Brain Supplements

You probably are attracted to the idea of taking brain supplements or brain function enhancing pills that allow you to perform your routine tasks faster than your normal ability.

This is especially true for people who are inspired by Bradley Cooper and the “limitless” drug.

Limitless The Movie Inspired Nootropics

Of course, our brains are continuously bombarded with signals and you would love to get your hands on a pill that can help your brain process all incoming information quickly.

Do Brain Health Supplements Really Work?

People over the world are now looking for brain supplements or magic pills that can help them think more clearly or achieve professional success. Students in particular love to find pills or smart drugs that provide an energy boost and help in concentration and retention. After all, who doesn’t want to get hands on a pill that can enable the brain to work longer and harder and at the same time, provide the much needed stimulation!

So the question is – does such a wonder pill exist, i.e. one that can take your brain to a higher level? Can you find substances that can improve your mental performance, brain function, memory or cognitive function? If this is possible, where can you find such substances?

What Are Nootropics?

You’ve probably spotted Nootropics being sold online. Sometimes they are marketed as smart drugs designed to improve mental functioning. It is seen that Nootropics improve your memory and make sure you remain more focused. They are also believed to have a protective effect on your memory function.

Originally The Drugs were for Alzheimers Patients

Interestingly Nootropics were first designed to help people with medical conditions. However, today, these substances are also used by healthy people to increase mental productivity and improve their focus. Nootropics are a rapidly developing branch of health sciences. New studies and substances are coming out all the time, so let’s now have a look at how Nootropics have evolved over the years.

The Idea Of Nootropics Has Been Around For Centuries

Thousands of years ago, our ancestors wanted to enhance their brainpower. The Chinese preferred to use Ginseng extracts to improve their brain function. The brain stimulating effects of tea were also discovered in China.

Over the years, science has indeed confirmed some of the positive brain function boosting effects of caffeine. In addition, this research has opened a completely new world of brain studies. You would find information about a number of drugs online that claim to boost concentration, enhance memory, and improve one’s mood and ability to focus.

Ginsen Roots Assist with Brain Health

Nootropics have emerged as a new class of cognitive enhancers. Basically, ‘Nootropics’ is an umbrella term. It is commonly used to describe both synthetic and naturally occurring compounds that give cognitive benefits to the brain.

In order to be accepted into the Nootropics category, the drug or substance must meet five basic criteria set by Dr. Corneliu E. Giurgea, the man who created the first ‘Nootropic substance.’

  • The substance must enhance memory and improve your ability to learn
  • It should help you brain function under disruptive conditions. This includes conditions such as hypoxia or low oxygen supply to the brain and electric shock. Nootropics should increase memory retention under conditions that tend to cause loss of memory.
  • ​Nootropics should protect your brain from chemical damage by drugs such as anti-cholinergics. They should also protect the brain from chemical and physical injury.
  • ​The substance must increase the effectiveness of neuronal firing mechanisms in the brain – particularly the cortical and sub-cortical region.
  • The drug should practically be non-toxic and have few to no side effects. Under normal conditions, Nootropics should not produce side effects such as sedation, which is normally associated with psychotropic drugs.

Where Do Nootropics Come From?

The first official smart drug was Piracetam developed by Dr. Giurgea in 1964. He developed the drug while working as a scientist for a Belgian pharmaceutical company. Piracetam was designed to be a sleeping pill. However, scientific research shows that the drug didn’t cause drowsiness in animals and people who used the drug.

Perhaps the most remarkable unwanted effect was that the drug improved learning ability in animals that has experienced neurological damage. This was especially true for animals that experienced memory loss due to lack of oxygen.

Corneliu E. Giurgea  Discovered Piracetam

The term Nootropics was coined from the Greek words – ‘noos’ meaning mind and ‘tropos’ which means to ‘turn.’ So Nootropics are used to describe drugs that have a positive effect on the mind and have a restorative effect when used to treat conditions with higher brain activity.

Some people believe that all substances that improve attention and memory are classified as Nootropics but this isn’t true. Caffeine and other drugs such as amphetamines can improve the ability to focus and enhance your memory, but unlike true Nootropics, these substances are addictive and have strong side effects.

The Discovery Of Piracetam And Racetams

Research shows that Piracetam can improve cognitive function in older people with memory loss and dementia. It can also improve cognitive function in healthy, young people. After Piracetam was created. several Racetams followed which are involved with enhancing learning and memory function.

Some Racetams affect dopamine and serotonin levels in addition to increasing acetylcholine concentration.

Racetams affect dopamine and serotonin levels

The Different Types Of Nootropics

There are many different types of Nootropics that can help you learn more and improve your focus. Generally, Nootropics can be divided into seven categories. Deciding which category to use is your personal choice and depends on the specific results you are looking for. In some cases, you might be able to find stacks that allow you to combine several Nootropics from different categories.

1. Natural Nootropics

As the name suggests, natural Nootropics are naturally occurring compounds that improve brain function. Some of the best examples are Huperzine A and Vinpocetine. Sadly, natural Nootropics aren’t as effective as their synthetic counterparts, but they do give you great results.

Huperzine A Comes form the Green Club Mos

2. Racetams

The first Nootropics to be discovered, Racetams are the most commonly used brain function enhancing supplements. There are almost twenty different types of Racetams with the most popular being Piracetam and Oxiracetam.

Racetams work by affecting acetylcholine levels in the brain. These substances also increase the rate at which your brain cells grow and at the same time, slowdown the rate at which they deteriorate.

3. Choline Supplements

Choline supplements often are stacked with Racetams to give you better results. Alpha GPC is a good source of choline to be used along with Racetams.

Piracetam and other Racetams increase acetylcholine production in the brain and when you supplement them with additional choline, there is enough neurotransmitter in the brain, which leads to enhanced comprehension, and brain functioning.

4. Ampakines

These compounds are one of the most powerful Nootropics. They function by increasing the level of glutamate (neurotransmitter) in the brain. While this class shows promising results, most people are comfortable sticking with Racetams for glutamate receptor activation.

5. Vitamin B Derivatives

A small number of effective Nootropics have been derived from vitamin B. Because vitamin B is known for increasing mental energy levels and alertness, studies show that synthetic vitamin B derivatives can improve cognitive function in people affected with Alzheimer’s disease.

Vitamin B Supliments Brain Enhancment

6. Peptides

Noopept has earned the reputation of being 1000 times more potent than Piracetam. This particular peptide is especially good at crossing the blood brain barrier, which means you need less of the substance and yet be able to achieve the desired results.

7. Smart Drugs

They are often confused with Nootropics, but technically, they would actually not be considered Nootropics. Most smart drugs are stimulants

How Do Nootropics Really Work?

Most people want to know what exactly Nootropics do. Are they some kind of magic pills? Well, Nootropics may not instantly give you a higher IQ or even better intellect. However, you will see that your brain function is enhanced.

Studies show that Nootropics increase the production and function of various brain chemicals or neurotransmitters. You know that your brain is a complex structure and it has a dense network of brain cells or neurons.

These brain cells communicate via special chemicals or neurotransmitters. When neurons in your brain are able to send and receive signals more efficiently, you notice a marked improvement in your cognitive function, mood, and memory and thinking skills.

Brain Neuron Firing and Communicating

With continued use of Nootropics, you can improve the communication of your brain cells, which causes long lasting improvement in the health, and functioning of your brain. Some Nootropics are thought to produce vasodilation – this means they increase the supply of blood to your brain. When your brain receives more nutrition and oxygen, you will be able to think clearly.

Remember that your brain requires an uninterrupted supply of blood and energy to perform its function. Interestingly your brain is only 2% of your total body weight but it makes up almost 20% of your total energy expenditure.

Mental activities such as concentration, critical thinking, staying alert, and even learning new things require a lot of energy. Because Nootropics increase blood flow to your brain and provide neurons with more oxygen, you can expect greater capacity for memory and focus.

Limitless Drug – Can A Pill Make You Really Smarter

Most people who first explore cognitive supplements or Nootropics for study and energy look for the Limitless drug. They are looking for pills that can make them smarter. Whether you want to study better or increase your ability to think critically, there are Nootropics that can help you.

However, before we look at the best Nootropics, let’s have a closer look at the cognitive functions that take place in your brain daily.

As stated earlier, Nootropics are substances that can actually increase the communication between your brain cells. The result is significant improvement in mental performance and an obvious increase in your cognitive functioning power.

Become Smarter with Nutropics

It is important to understand that there are different types of intelligence. Moreover, different Nootropics will give you different results based on the intelligence you are looking at. The two types of intellect are fluid intelligence and crystallized intelligence. Remember that these two intellects often work closely together and without one, the other is useless.

Crystallized intelligence is the true reflection of the knowledge and experience you have gained throughout your life. For example, if you memorized your chemistry notes, the knowledge will be stored in this area of intelligence. If you want to boost memory function, you should take brain supplements that improve this area of intelligence.

Fluid intelligence is related to what you can do cognitively. Basically, it is the reflection of your ability to learn, solve problems, use logic in situations, identify patterns and come up with better reasoning. For example, if you want to analyze a problem or understand a mathematical equation, you need to improve your fluid intelligence.

How Can You Enhance Intelligence With Nootropics?

Smart drugs and Nootropics are known to address factors related to both fluid and crystallized intelligence. When it comes to improving fluid intelligence, Nootropics can increase your memory capacity and encourage new neuron connections to form in your brain. Remember that this formation of new connections has a huge impact on your brain abilities we typically think of as being ‘smart.’

A recent study concluded that evaluating working memory is a better indicator of academic success unlike the traditional IQ score. Your ability to remember the phone number your friend gave you or recalling what your teacher said 3 minutes earlier is related to your ability to interpret data and perform mental calculations.

Crystallized Fluid and Fluid Inteligence

The ability of your brain to perform complex cognitive functions and learn new information is called synaptic plasticity. The connections in your brain are not fixed. In fact, your brain can readily form new neuronal connections and pathways.

Meet Acetylcholine And Glutamate

Two of the most important neurotransmitters for memory and learning are glutamate and acetylcholine. Generally, the higher the levels of acetylcholine and glutamate in your brain, the better will be your ability to learn new things and remember them.

Nootropics such as Piracetam and Oxiracetam work wonders when it comes to increasing memory function and intelligence. These drugs stimulate glutamate and acetylcholine synapses in your brain.

Nootropics work by increasing acetylcholine production in the brain

Some Nootropics work by increasing acetylcholine production in the brain. Interestingly you can stack Nootropics such as CDP choline with Piracetam to enhance brain function.

Some people prefer to use Nootropics for energy enhancement, i.e. Adrafinil and Modafinil to increase their intellectual ability. While higher energy level might not directly increase your fluid intelligence, you would still have enough energy stores to maximize brainpower and make performing a number of essential cognitive functions easier.

Nootropics For Study – Best Supplements For Memory Enhancement

If you want to boost your memory with Nootropics, you do have some amazing choices out there. The good thing is that some Nootropics are actually designed to improve the way your brain makes new connections and stores things in memory.

Of course taking a single substance can improve your ability to remember things, but you can combine several of these memory enhancing Nootropics and see significant improvement in less time. When we talk about improving your academic performance, memory enhancement is the first thing that would come to your mind.

Memory enhancing Nootropics

There are a number of basic cognitive functions in your brain that come into play. Synaptic plasticity i.e. increasing the number of brain connection and maintaining the old connections perhaps is the most important concept.

When your brain starts forming new connections, you experience better learning and recall of memory. Again, in order to increase the formation of new brain connections, Nootropics help boost levels of acetylcholine and glutamate in the brain. Similarly, Nootropics also increase the blood and oxygen flow to your brain so that your neurons have enough energy to carry out their functions.

Piracetam and Oxiracetam are two of the best Nootropics for increasing the production of glutamate and acetylcholine. To enhance your memory further and get the academic results you need, you have combine Piracetam and Oxiracetam with a high quality choline supplement. Many food sources such as eggs contain choline, but our diet doesn’t get close to the amount of choline required for the beneficial effects.

Increase Glutamate Production

Glutamate as stated previously is an important neurotransmitter that determines how easily your brain can make new connections. A mild to moderate increase in glutamate levels can improve your memory and learning performance vastly. Studies show that higher glutamate levels can also encourage improved focus and attention span.

L-theanine is commonly found in Green Tea

The specific types of Nootropics that are known to increase glutamate levels are called Ampakines. Another common substance that works as glutamate precursor is Theanine. This substance is naturally found in Green tea and works exceptionally well when combined with caffeine. If you want to experience the true memory enhancing effects of Theanine, you will have to take in the form of supplements in a dose of 200mg or more.

Natural Nootropics For Improving Memory

Huperzine A – a naturally occurring herbal compound is frequently used by students and even adults who want to increase their memory and boost learning power. This ancient Chinese remedy is also part of numerous Nootropics stacks and is regarded as one of the most effective natural substance on the block.

Huperzine A chemically is an alkaloid and it has been used for cognitive enhancement for centuries. Studies show that this natural supplement makes it easier for your brain to form new electrical connections so that you can retain more information.

Huperzine A Extracted form This Plant

Perhaps the best thing about Huperzine A is that it slowdowns the progression of cognitive decline in Alzheimer’s patients without major side effects. The substance itself affects the brain and promotes higher levels of acetylcholine. Moreover, when your acetylcholine levels in the brain are increased, you can improve your memory, focus and learning.

The mechanism of action of Huperzine A is slightly different from choline supplements and Piracetam. This alkaloid prevents the breakdown of acetylcholine and ensures that greater quantities of this neurotransmitter are available for uptake by neurons. Essentially Huperzine allows all your neurons to connect and communicate with each other resulting in improved memory and learning consolidation.

Are Nootropics Legal Or Illegal?

The legal status of Nootropics is a matter of serious confusion. Most people aren’t sure whether Nootropics are legal and whether they can buy these highly effective brain function-enhancing supplements without trouble.

Are Nootropics Legal?

Well, a reason for the confusion is that not many people know the difference between being legal and being regulated. Generally, Nootropics you can use daily are legal. However, there are strict laws for selling and marketing these supplements, but these restrictions are more relevant for suppliers and retailers.

Another important thing to keep in mind is that just because the chemicals are legal, doesn’t mean they have been approved by the FDA. Remember, FDA approval is entirely different story.

What Does Stacking Nootropics Mean?

Stacking is a common practice. In fact, it is rare that people use a single brain booster these days. Remember that Stacking simply means you use two or more Nootropics together for their beneficial effects. It is seen that stacking Nootropics can have a synergistic effect – the two compounds will become more powerful than if used separately.

Nootropics Stacking

The most basic stack involves Piracetam and choline supplement. Some students use Theanine and Caffeine together in order to increase their focus and concentration and improve their ability to study. Generally, you should start with a bit of Piracetam powder first and then think about using a stack.


Nootropics are one of the easiest ways to enhance your memory and improve cognitive function. You can use these supplements to eliminate mental fatigue and at the same time boost your intelligence and problem solving skills.

Feel free to branch out and use these brain function-boosting supplements as you like. Remember, you can now find exciting stacks that can help you increase cognition and problem solving skills without much effort. Here’s hoping that you can find your ideal brain supplement soon.

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