Your In Depth Guide To Racetams

Your In Depth Guide To Racetams

When you consider all of the pressures that life throws at us, whether we’re students trying to get good grades or a career driven individual who wants to unlock their best, it’s no wonder that the human body needs a little help to get it all done.

Although our minds and bodies are capable of achieving so much, it’s often hard to unlock their full power to use to our advantage, which is where supplements can be used to help unleash our full potential. The range of nootropics now available to stimulate your brain include racetams, which can help to stimulate your cognitive function ensuring you give your very best.

There are many different types of nootropics now available, and finding your way through the overcrowded market of supplements and drugs which promise you the world can be overwhelming, so it’s crucial to look at just one portion specifically which is racetams.

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These amazing supplements are full of benefits and give the user a chance to unlock more of their brain power than ever before.

The World Of Nootropics

You might have heard the term nootropics before, but they specifically relate to supplements that can improve your brain function. Since we rely on our brains to power the rest of our bodies, when we unlock their full potential we will benefit from a more powerful body as well. These nutraceuticals cover a whole range of supplements, so it’s important to find one that suits your needs.

The world of nootropics is still a relatively new one in terms of other enhancers, but with the research behind it already showing great positive effects on the body and mind with little negative side effects to be found, more and more is being learned about the different families involved. A popular family of nootropics is racetams, which in itself has a few different varieties each offering something unique.

What Are Racetams?

Inside the overcrowded world of nootropics are racetams, and this family of supplements has already proven to be widely popular. These nootropics have been researched extensively in the world of cognitive enhancers and they’ve been found to provide a range of benefits with little to no toxicity when compared to others on the market.

For this reason, they’re the perfect smart drug to help you unlock your brain’s power and give you focused energy for whatever your need is. There are four different racetams available today including piracetam, aniracetam, oxiracetam, and pramiracetam. Each of these has their own unique effectiveness and potency so it’s just a matter of finding one that suits the individual.


This is the most basic of all racetams, and it’s also the least potent. For users of this, you’ll need more frequent dosing to ensure you get the same results and additional choline is recommended when taking these.

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This is more potent and fat soluble than piracetam but has many of the same effects. This amazing supplement is also an ideal treatment for anxiety, so its worth has been proven to be significant.


This again has a higher potency and when used it can provide a stimulating feeling to the user. However, it is only water soluble and so it won’t last as long as aniracetam but it does have the higher potency to counteract this.


This can be as high as up to seven times stronger than piracetam, so due to its high potency, it’s usually reserved for people who have tried the other varieties first. This is one of the most effective of the racetams for unlocking your added energy, and widely popular among lovers of nootropics.

As each of these come in varying potencies and each individual will have a different response to the dosing, it’s important to start off with something lighter such as piracetam. Many people who use nootropics usually begin here and work their way up to something more potent to give them even more energy.

The Benefits Of Racetams

Although each of the racetams offers something unique, there are some overall benefits that can be achieved from most of them.

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When we look at the racetam family as a whole, we can achieve the following things by taking the correct dosage for our individual needs.

  • Increased alertness;
  • Ability to focus more clearly and pay attention for longer periods;
  • ​Improved memory function in the short term;
  • ​General wellbeing and improved healthy;
  • Improved interaction between right and left sides of brain;
  • Neuroprotection and anti-aging

Each individual will experience different benefits from taking racetams, but it’s important to note just how beneficial this family of supplements can be.

Whether you’re looking to improve your mental clarity, need to focus better, or just want the overall health and well-being that can be achieved, it’s all possible with racetams.

The Need For Nutritional Supplements

According to an article in CNN, nutritional supplements such as racetams are becoming more and more common. Just as people would drink a cup of coffee or perform 30 minutes of yoga each morning to give themselves a boost of energy, so too are they now using nootropics to improve their focus and mental state.

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Racetams and other nootropics are just the beginning for this exciting world of supplements that can help your brain reach its full potential, and give you the edge to compete in the corporate or educational world, and because their use is still relatively new there’s surely a lot more to be gained.

Because each person reacts differently to these supplements, racetams and other families of mental supplements can be a method of trial and error. As you work your way through the different possibilities you’ll find that some are ideal for helping you reach your mental peak, instantly transforming you into an avid supporter of the power of nootropics.

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